BEA Award

UP Agency has presented the “Delhaize Biggest Cooking Event” case at the Benelux Event Award 2014 and is very proud to be rewarded as winner!

The Delhaize Biggest Cooking Event is organised each year in November since 2012. A total of 2000 participants have the chance to participate at an exclusive cooking lesson given by Belgian master chefs : Arabelle Meirlaen*, Wout Bru*, Lionel Rigolet**, Bart Desmidt**, Peter Gossens*** or Yves Mattagne**.

The Biggest Cooking Event in Europe.

The Biggest Cooking Event is a French and Dutch culinary lessons held in a huge workshop specially designed for the occasion. Specifically, 100 kitchen workstations fully equipped, two lessons per day were scheduled each hosting 2 x 100 participants, 400 participants per day and a total of 2000 participants in 5 days.

The lucky participant follows a live cooking lesson instructed and explained by the best Belgian Master Chefs in order to achieve a main dish and a dessert in 1h30. A "Kids' Day" is also organised for children between 8 and 12 year. A special lesson is adapted for them with a gourmet and recreational recipe.

At the end of this lesson, participants can proudly taste their realisation and reproduce it at home !

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